Abu Soma Garden

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Abu Soma Garden is a large hard coral garden that drops from the surface to a depth of over 30m.

In the flat area, the sun brings out the diversity of colors. Many fish in larger schools do not let a dive get boring here. The coral garden is interrupted by several sandy areas on which like to settle rays.



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Barakuda Diving Center Safaga
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  • Access: By boat
  • Difficulty: All divers
  • Avg Depth: 15m/49.2ft
  • Max Depth: 40m/131.2ft
  • Currents: Low ( < 1 knots)
  • Visibility: Good ( 10m/32.8ft - 30 m/98.4ft )
  • Tags: Shallow, Deep, Reef
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SafagaRed Sea,Egypt