Awei Pila Dive Resort

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Awei Pila Private Islands resort

Nested among lush forests, secluded beaches and amazing jade color waters, is Awei Pila Private Islands resort. We have our own 5 Star PADI Dive Resort offering daily trips, courses and night dives.

What before was only accessible by 8h trips on live aboard vessels on week-long cruises  from Mainland. Is now possible to go out half-day reach the same famous dive sites such as Shark Cave, North Twin, Tower Rock, Rocky Isle. And be back for a 5 star lunch by the infinity pool.

Forget line up at the buffet, here you see the fishes lining up in schools too many to count, healthy corals with no signs of bleaching and the best part, no sign of any other boat around you, the diving as it should be or how it used to be.

Make sure to discover our private island with all inclusive all dining possibilities while sipping cocktails by the beach with waters as warm as 27C all year round and sunny days guaranteed.


The region was closed down for tourists until 2000 so the islands are only open for the visitors for a couple of decades, pristine as it can be and due to the heavy rains during the monsoon season (June > September) the resort and the whole region closes down, coming back in October allows you to life boom of juveniles fish, squids, sharks starting a new cycle, as the weather close down actually helps life to get back



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