Fortizza Reef

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Fortizza Reef is an amazing dive for all levels of scuba diving experience. This site has over a hundred different mapped out gorgeous features and probably more. It is including caves, long & short tunnels, swim through’s, over hangs, canyons, walls. crevices and a million nooks and crannies where small fish and a diverse marine life hide and play during the day & night. The area is abundant in lushes healthy Posedonia Oceanica. It has as well  many boulders which offer a very interesting a contrasting bottom topography. For all those who enjoy photography this is a site for Macro lovers as the area rarely boasts large fish. Although occasionally we see Baracudas, Jacks and Rays. The smaller marine life thrives here from minute Bobtail Squids to a huge number of different Corals. We also see Nudibranchs, Tube Worms, Crustaceans and more. On almost every dive one can see large schools of Salemas, Sea Breams, Scorpion Fish, Mullets, Damsels, Wrasses and Painted Combers curiously following Octopus and Moray Eels around this extensive reef which we luckily call our house reef.




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  • Listing ID: 415
  • Access: By boat, From shore
  • Difficulty: All divers
  • Avg Depth: 20m/65.6ft
  • Max Depth: 30m/98.4ft
  • Currents: Low ( < 1 knots)
  • Visibility: Good ( 10m/32.8ft - 30 m/98.4ft )
  • Tags: Shallow, Cave, Reef, Wall
Contact details

35.9151°N 14.5089°EMalta

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