Hin Daeng & Hin Muang

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Suitable for Advanced Divers. Hin Daeng and Hin Muang is accessible from Koh Lanta as a day trip. These dive sites are probably one of the most famous Dive sites in Thailand! It is no surprise why divers from all over the world come to Koh Lanta especially to dive these two sites. These giant pinnacles located in the middle of the Andaman Sea, offer dramatic underwater scenery. With steep walls covered in soft red and purple corals, dropping right down to 60m.

The underwater seamount of Hin Daeng extends out in all directions to a depth of more than 50 meters and is home to a huge variety of larger marine life. You’ll bear witness to many awe-inspiring sites and aquatic variety in this underwater video at Hin Daeng. Hin Daeng is home to a resident school of Batfish which greet divers on their descent, schools of huge Barracuda  And constant show of pelagic action to keep divers enthralled. If you can take your eyes off the show, there are many macro delights to be found. Such as shrimps, porcelain crabs, and even ghost pipefish, but don’t spend too long without a glance to the blue in case you miss a Manta Ray or even a passing Whaleshark who regularly visit this area.

World-famous dive site Hin Muang lies just a few hundred meters to the west of Hin Daeng out in the Andaman Sea. This seamount is entirely underwater with the reef starting at about 12 meters and plummeting down to a dizzying 70 meters. Hin Muang owes its name, meaning purple rock, to the numerous purple soft corals covering the shallower parts of the reef. A constant battle is waged here between the smaller residents of the reef and pelagic hunters. Such as Mackeral, Trevally, Rainbow Runners & Tuna who lurk around the reef waiting to pounce on their next meal. This is also the best site in the area for spotting Manta Rays and Whalesharks. They frequently grace these undersea mounts.

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  • Listing ID: 996
  • Access: By boat
  • Difficulty: CMAS ** / AOW
  • Avg Depth: 20m/65.6ft
  • Currents: Medium ( 1-2 knots)
  • Visibility: Good ( 10m/32.8ft - 30 m/98.4ft )
  • Tags: Deep, Reef, Wall, Big fishes
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Koh LantaKoh Lanta,Thailand

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