MV Alma Jane Wreck

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Alma Jane was scuttled in March 2003 and settled upright at a depth of 30 meters. Her upper decks are at a depth of 26 meters and divers can safely enter the open cargo holds below decks.

Alma Jane Wreck can be dived even when there is a moderate current as there is a line from the surface down to the wreck. The current often brings a large school of batfish close to the wreck. Sweetlips, rabbitfish and lionfish have also made their home here. Max depth 30m



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  • Listing ID: 567
  • Access: By boat
  • Difficulty: CMAS ** / AOW
  • Avg Depth: 20m/65.6ft
  • Max Depth: 30m/98.4ft
  • Currents: Low ( < 1 knots)
  • Visibility: Good ( 10m/32.8ft - 30 m/98.4ft )
  • Tags: Deep, Wreck, Big fishes
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