Albania is a country in Southeast Europe. Albania’s calm and crystalline waters are a true paradise for any kind of diving experience. It is the variegated hues and rich biodiversity of the country’s seas that make it a diving destination which should not be missed.

Good diving locations are Vlora Bay, Sazani Island and the Karaburuni Peninsula.

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Oazi Blu Diving Center: dive or Learn to Dive! PADI courses and underwater explorations trips in Albanian Ionian coast     [site_reviews_summary title="Summary of Reviews"...

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Jali Beach is one of the most beautiful diving sites on the Ionian Riviera. It is suitable for all  levels of recreational divers. Excellent visibility,...

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On the protected area of Sazani Island, part of Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park is a very impressive underwater cave of Hell's Gorge.      ...

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In the Bay of Vlora-Albania, resting at a depth of 35m, lies one of the largest and most impressive wrecks in the whole Adriatic sea....

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Kepi i Gjuhezes is a protected area, part of Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park. Give the maximum of  satisfaction for all divers. Excellent visibility, wall, reef,...

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