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Descriptions of several divesites you can find on our site. Who can add this info better than the local divecenter? We have the populaire divesites in for example Thailand, Egypt and Bonaire. But also you can find Croatie, Zanzibar and Fiji on our website. Do you want to plan a holiday? Find your favorite divesite and check the foto's and read more. And go to the divecenter for booking.

Posted 8 months ago

Koh Bida is suitable for all levels of divers. The “Bida Islands” are located in the Phi Phi National Marine Park which is also easily...

 Dive Sites /  Koh Lanta / 55 views

Posted 8 months ago

Koh Haa has something for everybody to enjoy!  The Koh Lanta National Marine Park includes the five islands called Koh Haa, which is simply stunning...

 Dive Sites /  Koh Lanta / 173 views

Posted 8 months ago

No snakes many fish guaranteed!   Did you dive here? Let us know in the comments below.

 Dive Sites /  Curaçao / 63 views

Posted 8 months ago

two wonderful reefs in one dive. The turtles are waiting for you. about 200 meters to foot to the entry point   Did you dive...

 Dive Sites /  Curaçao / 64 views

Posted 8 months ago

Here you will find an incredibly great reef with a fish and coral diversity in the middle of the fisher village.   Did you dive...

 Dive Sites /  Curaçao / 75 views

Posted 9 months ago

DESCRIPTION OF THE DIVE We start a dive on around 3 to 5 m depth and follow coastline of Tmara island. Almost immediately we see...

 Dive Sites /  Croatia / 93 views

Posted 9 months ago

Alain's cliff is one of most famous cliff dives in Croatia and with the good reason. Dive starts safely on plateau around 3 to 8...

 Dive Sites /  Croatia / 59 views

Posted 9 months ago

Alma Jane was scuttled in March 2003 and settled upright at a depth of 30 meters. Her upper decks are at a depth of 26...

 Dive Sites /  Mindoro / 54 views

Posted 9 months ago

Puerto Galera's signature dive site and one of the Philippines top rated sites. A drift dive down a wall leads you to the 3 canyons....

 Dive Sites /  Mindoro / 56 views

Posted 9 months ago

This an absolute must dive, when visiting Cyprus. The wreck sank in 1980, and is 178 metres long, and 26 metres wide. It is a...

 Dive Sites /  Cyprus / 57 views

Posted 9 months ago

Amphitheatre is a popular dive site, for all level of divers. The rock formations and bottom composition and very beautiful, and with a natural "Amphitheatre",...

 Dive Sites /  Cyprus / 72 views

Posted 9 months ago

A beautiful dive site, with easy access. Brilliant rock formations, and bottom composition, with swim-throughs, and small caves.   Did you dive here? Let us...

 Dive Sites /  Cyprus / 88 views

Posted 9 months ago

Moray Garden is located around twenty minutes drive south of Dahab. ​ In general, the visibility is good (10-30 m). The average depth is 15...

 Dive Sites /  Dahab / 95 views

Posted 9 months ago

One of the most popular sites in Dahab due to easy access and suitability for all water sport activities. The Lighthouse is a site which...

 Dive Sites /  Dahab / 91 views

Posted 9 months ago

Japanese Gardens is a popular dive site in Koh Tao and a good choice for beginner divers. The divesite is located around Koh Nang Yuan....

 Dive Sites /  Koh Tao / 46 views

Posted 9 months ago

1000 Steps beach is a favorite site in Bonaire — not just for divers, but snorkelers and beachgoers too. Soft, white sand meets a glittering...

 Dive Sites /  Bonaire / 79 views

Posted 10 months ago

The Blue Hole is a diving location on the southeast Sinai, a few kilometres north of Dahab, Egypt. Located about thirty minutes jeep ride from...

 Dive Sites /  Dahab / 62 views

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